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Does being a physical therapist/ health service manager require a doctorate degree?

As a junior I would deeply like some advice in college/career choice. I love physical therapy and will like to know if it only requires a doctorate degree. Whereas being a health service manager who specializes in physical therapy do I also need a doctorate . Lastly what type of majors for a bachelor or master's degree would best prepare me for this career.

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Hi, thank you for asking your question! There are many physical therapy programs in the US ranging from guaranteed programs to the more traditional undergraduate + graduate schools paths. Ultimately, becoming a physical therapist will require you to earn a doctorate degree (DPT) from graduate school with a chance to enter residency to further specialize in a particular field of PT. For more information on this, I definitely recommend checking out this blog post about becoming a PT.

a month ago

Hey! Becoming a PT requires a bachelor's degree in some sort of health sciences program, for example, kinesiology, biomedical sciences, health science, etc. After you graduate with a bachelor's degree, you will need to apply to PT school, where you will obtain a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree.

Hope this helps!


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