2 years ago

Am I screwed?

Hello! So here is my situation. I’m a junior in high school. Unfortunately I’ve moved a lot. Freshman year, I was living in South Korea, and 9th grade was a little hard. I moved schools, and then covid happened, it was a rough year for me. Then sophomore year I moved to Florida but I went to an international private school in Venezuela, I was the only kid outside of the country, I did the school online while everyone else was in person and non of the teachers knew me. Also I joined in the middle of the school year, that year was also hard but I did way better than freshman year.

Now I’m at this school in Florida and I’m doing very well. I’ve got only A’s and a couple of B’s and I feel like I’m in my best moment.

My question is, do I still have a chance in getting into a good college even though, currently (without my junior year grades) I have. 3.2 gpa, but ALL IB classes since I’ve done the IB since freshman year? I’m planning on taking the SAT in March and I’m studying a lot to be able to get a 1530. Also, I’m in a lot of clubs at my new school and I’m planning on having an officer position in almost all of them. ( a lot of subject specific Honor societies and FBLA). I’m also doing community work at my local pre school.

I’m sad that my situation has effected me in school and I’ve tried very hard but I still cry a lot cause I’m scared I’m not gonna go to college. I really need advice

Here are the colleges I want to apply

1) The Ohio state University



4) Cornell

5) Georgetown

6) Villanova

7) Virginia Tech

8) UNC Chapel Hill

9) Northeastern


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2 years ago

HELLO FELLOW IB STUDENT 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Honestly, I think the colleges you're applying to will see and take into consideration your situation regarding how many times you've moved and how that has challenged you. In any case, the fact that you stuck through IB (the hardest program available to highschool students period) all of these years and are actually doing well in it says a lot about your perseverance and risk-taking. Please remember not to overwhelm yourself though!! I definitely agree that you should be applying for officer positions in most of if not all of the clubs that you join but in any case colleges value quality > quantity so don't worry about joining an excessive amount of clubs. Participating in your local community is a great way to show colleges that you can make a positive change in their community as well!! You're not screwed and your achievements are impressive. I wish you good luck on all of the colleges you apply to

2 years ago

Also a student from Florida and a Venezuelan. I think that with your classes you are good but for the SAT try out College Board and connect it to Khan academy this is how I'm mostly planning on studying for the SAT. Also, there is a lot of classes you can sign up for SAT prep that is free, look for it at your local library. good luck.

2 years ago[edited]

Hi! No you are not screwed, as long as you keep your rising grades, you'll be okay. Also, Have some safety colleges as backup. You can also reflect on your challenges in your personal statement. Don't worry too much about ECs. They don't really matter unless you are officer of a successful group. But, take my advice with a grain of salt cause I'm still a senior applying as well. Everyone's different and the way to show who you truly are and why you are unique is through the personal statement and supplements. I suggest start working on the essays RIGHT NOW (while also focusing on grades, of course). Mine took over a year to finalize, with a bunch of edits and start-overs.

2 years ago

Nah, I'm pretty confident that you'll get into any of the colleges you listed. Your GPA is pretty good, and also you took IB classes, and that's impressive! I'm pretty sure that colleges will look into your situation and understand it, especially as you seem to engage in many extracurricular activities too. Believe in yourself, keep working, and I'm sure you'll make it!!!

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