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Is Dual Enrollment worth it?

Hi! I'm a high school junior in Minnesota which means I am able to take classes at Post-Secondary institutions. I am wondering if that it will help me or if it will be more difficult with transfer credits. Thaks!

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2 years ago

Hello! I am also a junior in Minnesota, and although I myself have not taken any dual enrollment classes, I can speak to the experiences of my friends.

A friend that graduated in 2021 took her entire senior year online at a local community college (Normandale), and will be getting her associates degree at the end of this year. This was a huge time and money saver for her, and although the classes can be more difficult than high school classes because of the format, it earned her tons of credits for both high school and college.

Another friend is taking several classes online at the same college and it has essentially allowed her to meet graduation requirements by taking only classes she's interested in. It's a lot of asynchronous work, but she recommends it as a way to take better classes and save on tuition in the future.

In your case, if you intend to go to a college or university in the future after taking PSEO classes, it really depends on the policies of the schools you are looking at attending. If you are looking at the U of MN, it will easily accept credit from community colleges and will give you an excellent head start.


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