2 years ago

How did you decide what major, career, or even extracurriculars you wanted to pursue?

I'm struggling to find an area or "spike" that fits me personally because I have so many things I enjoy learning about and don't want to abandon one for the other. If anyone can relate, do you mind sharing what's helped you decide what to do with yourself? I'd also be interested in what activities or even majors/careers you might recommend based on some of my interests to help me make that decision.

-I'm passionate about psychology, personality, and human development

-I don't care as much about details but ideas, (I like learning the WHY not necessarily the what/how)

-I really enjoy debate, rhetorics, and sometimes acting/speaking (so basically I'm fascinated with persuasion)

-I love learning about genetics

- I love music and singing (like choir, etc.)

-I want to do something meaningful/help others/contribute powerful new ideas

-I like writing (although I don't know how well I'd do bc I'm so perfectionistic)

-^^same thing with drawing/art (of ppl specifically)

-I work much better with dynamic, less structured environments and schedules

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2 years ago

I can relate to you with liking writing, music./singing, drawing, and mostly psychology. I personally am going into the counseling/clinical side of psych but for you, something that helped me was looking into different jobs that fit what you enjoy.

Then put those jobs in either 3 groups 1. a job that will make money, 2. a job that you would be passionate about ( like graphic design or starting your own business), and 3. something that can just be a hobby, this can be something that you enjoy a lot but you don't know if it would be realistic. Also, try not to stress out that much about what you're going to do in life since you can always change it if it doesn't work out or if you don't feel happy doing it. From your friendly neighborhood junior.

🎤2 years ago

Categorizing is a great idea, thanks for the advice!


2 years ago

Hello! I also share some of your interests! :) Similar to what SamG587 said, your artistic interests can serve as hobbies. However, if art is an incredibly important factor for your career, you can look into art/music therapy. The good thing about psychology is that it can be practiced in various industries. I can write down a list of majors and careers that can apply to perhaps most of your non-artistic interests.

- General Psychology

- Experimental psychology

- Developmental psychology

- Social psychology

- Personality Psychology

If you're the type to figure out the "why" in psychological concepts, you can be some form of counselor or therapist. Your interest in genetics is good in the field of developmental and perhaps experimental psychology. However, if you to be a contributive figure to psychological discoveries, I have an idea you can look into. You can be a research psychologist in a university, private corporation/organization, or government agency. This career option allows you to study your specific interests in psychology.

🎤2 years ago

Thank you so much for your answer!


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