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Finding potential colleges

Hello! I'm currently a junior and I'm starting the search for colleges. I'm having trouble finding colleges that are actually within what I can afford, though-- right now I use Naviance, which is what our school recommends, but it's really inaccurate. Are there any cites or resources with lots of colleges and more accurate data?

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Try going to this link. It shows you the rankings and tuition fees of colleges (organized by numeric order of ranking, top to lowest) and much more. You just need to click on each college to find more information specifically about that college such as the application deadline.

But when you were using Naviance, did you try going to "Colleges" and using the "SuperMatch College Search" feature under "Find Your Fit"? This was also very helpful.

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Thanks for the link, looks super helpful! I found Super College Match to be a good tool for finding colleges that match my interests, but the price on Naviance was very different from their real tuition costs. Thanks again!


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Hello! There is a website that I use called Niche and it lists colleges, rates them (A to F), compares your scores to other students, and has reviews from people who went to that college. It has helped me a lot!



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