2 years ago

What can I do, leadership positionwise, as a junior?

I have various "leadership" positions and am involved in many things in my community and internationally, but I don't have a single thing that makes me stand out.

Do any of you guys have ideas as to how to create something impactful in my school/community, especially in relation to history?

@annejasi915a year ago [edited]

Here, I can pick up some concepts. Thank to everybody flagle

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2 years ago

Some great points have been mentioned here. Other extracurriculars that could be a good fit for you would be joining a historical reenactment group, teaching historical topics in your community, and doing a research project that explores the history of marginalized groups in your area. An example could be a project on segregation in your town.

Always remember that the reason why you are undertaking an extracurricular can be more important than the extracurricular itself. You want to show your passion behind each EC and explain how it fits into big-picture dreams you have. Colleges have heard of almost every EC on planet Earth - what they do not hear often is the philosophy behind participating. Everyone wants to make an impact on their community, but few explain exactly why. Have a succinct and genuine explanation from the heart, and even cliché ECs can make you stand out.

I also recommend putting down a few ECs that don't have a huge impact, but are simply unique and show personal flare. Activities that are fun and "out there" will show that you will make campus a more interesting place and fully utilize resources at college. Some examples of these ECs are playing the digeridoo, parasailing, or raising axolotls.

Hope this helps!

2 years ago

Does your school have a chapter of Rho Kappa? If not, start one! You could also look for mentorship opportunities with local history museums, curate exhibits for some, start a history blog, make history-themed YouTube videos, or something along the lines of these. It sounds like you want to make a difference in your community, and if you're not an active volunteer, then I'd suggest starting there, too. Volunteering is really fun, especially when you pick an organization that aligns with your passion. If you already volunteer, perhaps you can start an initiative? Those always look good. Keep track of how many people participate, how much you raise, and other quantitative things like that so you can really sell your application.

There are lots of options for you to explore, but just remember that your extracurriculars are for you. Yes, you want to be a competitive candidate, but if the only way for you to get into the school you want to go to is for you do things that you don't enjoy in your spare time, then maybe the college isn't a good fit for you. Find things you love doing and put more time and energy into that. You'll have fun, and colleges will see the real you!

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