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What classes should i pick for my senior year?

Hi! I'm a current junior and i plan in pursuing a career in law/policy. I don't know which field of law i want to go into or what i want to major in. I'm trying to decide between history, economics, business, environmental science/policy. This year I took AP Gov, Ap English, AP Environmental science and AP European history. Next year I have already planned on taking Ap Statistics, Ap Macro, Sociology, and Ap English. I want to take a science class next year too but the only one i havent taken yet that is available is AP Biology. I'm worried that AP Statistics + AP Bio might be too much for me to handle. I'm in 6 extracurriculars, I work a job and I dont want to stress myself out that badly. Does anyone have any advice? Are there any classes related to law i should look into?

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If you have a free period available, I highly recommend utilizing it. Currently, I'm a junior and I'm taking almost all AP's, ten+ extracurriculars and a job as well, and a free period has been a life saver. Utilize this time for an internship or a course in law, or anything else related to law.

If not, take an easier class because while colleges value rigor, it's also a terrible idea for your mental health to decline because that will affect you in the long run.

Good luck! Don't stress yourself out too badly in your senior year, and put aside your general academics and let your personality shine too :)


2 years ago

Does your school have any related electives?


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