2 years ago

Upcoming Junior

Hey! I am an upcoming junior that is trying to make course decisions for next school year and just wanted to get some advice on my plan of taking 5 AP class. I understand that it is a lot but I think I can handle it. I have taken honors class all through middle school and high school so I can handle the work load and rigor. Also if anyone has any advice on being successful in any other these class that would be super helpful as well! Thanks so much!

AP Classes:

-AP Lang


-AP Environmental Science

-AP Psychology

-AP Statistics

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2 years ago

Hello, I'm a junior taking AP Lang and APUSH so I can tell you about these courses!

I like to think of the AP Language exam as the SAT Reading + Writing on steroids plus the essays. Outside of exam prep, you will probably learn vocab, study literature, and write essays as you would in a typical honors English course.

APUSH is about what you would expect, you learn the material in chronological order from indigenous roots/first colonizers up to modern day. Besides that, you will likely have projects and practice DBQs/SAQs/LEQs in addition to tests to prepare you for the exam.

Both courses themselves depend the most on the teacher. At my school, you take APUSH over two years and this year my teacher is MUCH more strict than last year's teacher. AP Lang teacher is the kind of guy that pushed back an essay 2-3 times, I turned it in WEEKS after the final time it got pushed back (don't ever do this), and still got a 92.

Make sure you've taken any prerequisites for AP Environmental Science, maybe a virtual introductory course on any material you haven't covered yet/to get a head start. I heard AP Psych isn't too hard, just involves plenty of notetaking. I will take AP Stats next year and I heard it's definitely on the harder side but I'm sure you will do fine if you have a history of doing well in math.

It's always best to review the collegeboard.com course/exam description for any AP courses you want to take. Good luck!

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Thanks so much for the advice!! I really appreciate it!! I am currently taking AP World so I already have an understand of DBQs/SAQs/LEQs so that will be helpful it sounds. Thanks again!! Also good luck with AP statistic for you as well!


2 years ago

Hi! I am a junior taking 6 AP's this year, and I can tell you that the AP's really depend on the school. I know even in my school county that schools have different hard classes (ex: for my school it is AP Lang and AP Psych). For AP Lang, you have to know current events and be able to write a strong argument (although you learn how to during the year- have a background). For APUSH, it is kind of like AP World but in my opinion it is a little easier! I think this because it is US history, instead of the world- more specific and smaller geography. And for AP Psychology, there is a LOT of memorization involved and you have to apply certain terms and to scenarios. But, it is a really interesting topic!

Overall, ask the rising seniors at your school to see which APs they recommend or not, and take that into consideration as well :) Hope it goes well!

🎤2 years ago

Thank you so much for you advice!! I really appreciate it!! I have already talked to some people who have taken the classes but will continue to get others opinions.


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