2 years ago

recommendation letters but I don't have any teacher friends

I heard that the best time to ask for recommendation letters is around the end of junior year, and since I like to get everything but schoolwork done early (procrastination lol), I looked into it.

I'm too timid to make friends in my classes so being close with teachers is pretty hard to do. I'd also probably need someone who can vouch for "wow this kid's grade really sunk during the pandemmy but she's improved so please let her in"

I think I need recommendations to apply for a college on my list, but I don't have teachers I'm close with. The only two people I can think of are my school counselor and a teacher I had this year and last year.

Help? ;-;

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2 years ago

I’m the same as you (I’m very very shy), so I started going to my physics teacher’s study hall more often and emailing her questions that I have. Study halls at my school are very small so I could talk to her one-on-one & she would see my enthusiasm to do good in her class.

If you are interested in a competition (like a creative writing competition, science fair, etc), you can ask your English/science/whatever teacher to advise you with that! They’d probably only have to interact with you sometimes since you’re the one doing the actual project but you’d show them your enthusiasm for that subject. Also, you’d have a potential competition win under your belt.


Start showing up at study halls (if you have them) and email teachers to ask them further questions about a class lesson. Limited interaction, shows enthusiasm

2 years ago

I have this same situation as of right now I don't connect with most of my teachers although they're very nice and welcoming. Although it may be hard if you want a recommendation you should talk to someone who really gets to know you whether it be high school teachers or previous teachers in the years. Also some colleges don't require recommendations which you can see the more you look on collegevine for :).

2 years ago

Your counselor and the familiar teacher aren't bad bets. Based on my own experience your counselor will know what teachers are good at writing recommendation letters, so it's worth asking who out of your schedule they think you should go to.

(English teachers are almost always A+)

BUT... you don't have to have a "teacher friend" write your recommendation letter. It could be a family friend, the mother your best friend, your church pastor (or equivalant)... Just any person who knows you well and can vouch for an aspect of your character.

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