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Poll: Do you favor SAT or ACT!? Both or Neither?

I'm wondering what percentage of students choose to prepare for SAT and ACT for their college application. They each have their own Pros and Cons. I personally favor SAT. VOTE in the poll to show your opinion!

SAT included for College Application
ACT included for College Application
Both included for College Application
Neither included for College Application
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2 months ago

I have taken both the SAT and ACT (1550 and 33, respectively). After taking both, I have noticed the SAT to have harder questions than the ACT; however, you get less time to answer them. As an English As A Second Language student (ESL), I struggled with the reading section A LOT. Because of that, I thought that the SAT was better for me, as I could take my time to answer the questions.

Because of COVID-19, multiple colleges have decided to keep their test-optional policy. As we are not required to send a score anymore, I would check the university's admission statistics to see the SAT/ACT percentiles to know where to aim. If after trying both tests you are not inside that range, I would definitely consider going test-optional.

Also, at the time of deciding whether to send scores, if you want to apply for financial aid, I would check if the school requires SAT/ACT for academic scholarships.

In conclusion, I would recommend everyone to do some research to find your “target score”, and then take a couple of practice tests for both the SAT and ACT. After that, I would choose the one that fulfills your target. If none fulfills it, DON'T PANIC!! NOT EVERYONE IS A GOOD TEST TAKER. You can (almost) always apply test-optional, but remember to check with the university's requirements.

Good look to everyone!!


2 months ago

Personally, I am taking the ACT in a couple of months. When I initially signed up, I had thought that the SAT mandated the writing portion, but it appears that, in recent years, this has changed. While the SAT is easier to get through time-wise, it tends to ask less straightforward questions -- a major reason why I avoided it. It also is heavier in English whereas the ACT focuses on math. Depending on your strengths, one will work better for each student. I know some states require you to take one or another in order to graduate, so it also depends on where you live. I made my choice based on my preferences as I had the choice between taking both, one, or none. Since I do plan to pursue programs in college that may require a score, I'm making sure that I have at least one score to put on my application.


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Also if you want to further your opinion feel free to comment below! I will give the Award to the most thoughtful messages.


2 months ago

act was offered for free at my school and we prepared for it in class, seemed like the obvious choice for me


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