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demographic questions ?!

ik im posting this in the juniors page, but it's a question for literally everyone in highschool --

what do y'all answer for the demographics questions on tests like the sat/act and on this website? i'm yt and my parents have always advised me to answer with the 'decline to answer' or wtv if possible bc they think it could lower my chances for being selected..... but my non-white classmates always say that i will have better chances if i put down that i am yt. tbh i dont know who to believe and its all super frustrating. i just want the best possibility for getting into my dream schools...

does that really include declining to answer any demographic questions due to my yt, middle-class background? does that actually put me at a disadvantage and my parents are right? or are my fellow classmates more accurate in saying that i actually have better odds if i do answer because colleges are biased towards everyone else... i don't know if thats a stretch or if its the truth idek anymore. if anyone can help by sharing their thoughts/advice on this it would be super nice -.- also this might get taken down bc i talk alot abt race but please i need help understanding college admissions in our current day of age bc my parents literally went to college 10000000 years ago

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Most college admissions officers will tell you to include that information so that they can build a well-rounded class. However, if you feel like you don't want to share your race for whatever reason, you can choose not to. Its a bit helpful, but mainly for this purpose as long as you don't lie about it (your race or whatever) you'll be fine- Colleges can and will rescind admissions offers if they discover students lied during the application process

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