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How many officers should be in a school club?

I run a club averaging 17 members per meeting. This year, we had 4 officers.

There has been one member of the club who has been there since day one and was the only one other than me to win an award in an academic competition our club organizes. Another member is the only freshman in the club, and will likely become president in the future.

I plan to add positions for these two officer candidates, which means the club will have 6 officers next year. Is this too much? What are some things that could go wrong when too many people are in charge of running a club?

6 officers is too much
6 officers is fine
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Six officers, in my opinion, is sufficient. Because my newly formed Polling Club intends to appoint seven officers. They are as follows: Club President (me), Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary of Records, Secretary of Polling, Secretary of Outreach, and Secretary of Printing. They also serve as regular pollsters.

As you can see, all roles are necessary and have distinct responsibilities. It would significantly increase team participation while decreasing your management time. It would also attract more new members because more positions are available.

However, I agree that the officers' honor and integrity should be upheld. I established objective rules, such as requiring members to have a 95% attendance rate in order to compete for the officer position. So, for the reasons stated above, a reasonable number of officers will be a strength in providing a benevolent environment and competition, which will provide the foundation for future thriving.


2 months ago

If everyone has different roles and duties and you feel like there is enough to do, you should be fine. If you have people who are able to do nothing and claim an officer position, then you might have some issues maintaining respect/credibility, but too few officer positions can overwhelm the existing officers and create an atmosphere of competition. Really, it depends on the social climate and what the club does.


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