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What should I major in and how will that determine my career?

Hi! I am currently a high school junior starting to question my career choices. I have been having doubts about some majors I am interested in like Political Science, International Affairs, Environmental Law, and Communications. My favorite subjects tend to be history, English, and humanities. It's honestly quite all over the place, but I have narrowed it down. Anyways, I am confused as to what those majors can lead to. I know that I want to be involved in the community and study how governments function cohesively. Like any other person, I want to be able to help people and be involved in human rights. Should I just go into college undecided? Does it matter exactly what major I pick?

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2 months ago

There are SO many different paths you can go down to explore your options! The key is finding a particular subject that inspires you and ignites your soul (to put it metaphorically). You already have found your niche centering around the humanities, which is a perfect start.

If you are someone who enjoys studying and/or reading, I highly recommend exploring influential people in those individual fields you mentioned, looking into their works and even reaching out to them if you feel inclined.

Also, explore OCW's offered by colleges you are interested in, as well as EdX courses that would offer you a really in-depth understanding of a particular subject. I think this is your best bet, and I have found a lot of success in this form of exploration.

Best of luck to you!


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