2 years ago


I’m homeschooled and about to finish 11th grade. Because I’m homeschooled it’s kinda hard to find extracurriculars to participate in. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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2 years ago

Here are some ideas I can think of...

-volunteering! contact your local food pantry, shelter, etc. to see if you can volunteer over the summer! (looks fantastic for colleges)

-join a sport. look up club sports/youth athletic groups in your area

-take ACT or SAT! if you do well on it, submit. if you don't - don't submit!

i hope this helps, and i wish you the best of luck!

2 years ago

Hey, I am also homeschooled, and here are a few things I did:

-Scouts BSA. I get volunteer hours, life skills, and leadership skills from this as well as some good essay topics. If you’re in a properly run troop for longer than a year, you are practically guaranteed a leadership position.

-National Youth Leadership Training. This goes hand in hand with scouts, but you could also be part of Venture Crew. Since it does have requirements for getting which you probably won’t meet in a year, I’d recommend looking for other intense leadership courses. Similar to scouts, it will give you life skills and good essay topics.

-Soccer. I don’t play this anymore, but I did up through my freshman year. Sports show commitment and interest in your physical health.

-Violin. This is another that I quit after my freshman year. Dedication to learning a skill such as an instrument is an admirable trait.

-Creative Writing. I’ve posted two unfinished books on online platforms, and I continue to write everyday. I’m not part of a writing club or anything, but it still looks good on the list.

-Volunteering at my local animal shelter. I take pictures for my local animal shelter, and they are always looking for volunteers to come walk their dogs or play with the cats.

The important thing as a homeschooler is to try to look at all of your activities and put names on them. Not all extracurriculars fall into a perfect title like “scouts”. Maybe you enjoy collecting rocks and minerals. That alone won’t do much for you. However, studying them and expressing a deeper knowledge will.

Do you garden? Crochet or knit? Canoe or kayak? Do yoga? Practice a religion? Bake? Read?

Again, none of those on their own are inspiring. However, if you can provide a knowledge of your hobby, then it becomes valuable.

2 years ago

Hi! There are a ton of things you can do that will show colleges your interests and values!

-Volunteer and gain hours

-Start a local teen group dedicated to something you like

-Fundraise for something

-Do summer sports

-Take musical/ your interest lessons

-Do local theater

-Start a band if you're into that

-Look at internships in your area of interest

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