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Why isn't my GPA going up?

Hello, rising senior here. I have a lot of problems that prevented me from obtaining all A's for my first 2 years of high school such as moving, covid, being first-gen so none of my parents could have prepared me for high school. However those are no excuse!

Ever since I came back to school in person, I have been doing significantly better, achieving mostly A's and B's. (except for Chemistry with a pesky D).

By the end of sophomore year, my GPA was 2.7 (3.0 weighted). By the end of my Junior year, it was 2.74 (according to the HOPE calculator here in Georgia). I'm super confused. My grades used to be a combination of B's and lower and now I had mostly A's. I understand it wasn't going to go up to 3.0 over a year, but only a 0.04 increase? Someone please explain to me why! Is there something I'm doing wrong? Not trying hard enough? Is there something else I CAN do?

Not sure if this has to do with it but I have 21 credits before senior year and I need 23 credits to graduate. I take honors and AP's, I also moved from California to Georgia, so maybe the grading system is different? I just don't understand why it increased so little but I need to get a higher GPA to get into a decent college. Please help!!!

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2 years ago

There are many factors that are at play. You could be right that the school calculates GPA differently. I also believe that the factors used to calculate GPA, which I do not know of, are not in your favor. Fortunately, showing improved performance and explaining all of your problems to colleges you apply to can help smooth it out. Although you may not get into the Ivy League, you are in a good position to get into at least a somewhat decent school.


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