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Which class to take?

Hello, I am going into senior year soon and my schedule had problems so I had to choose and drop classes. I want to be a computer science major but I dropped the computer science principles class that was causing an issue and went with accounting 1 which stated that it is recommended for all buisness majors in college on our course catalog. Plus, I have already taken numerous computer classes throughout the years. However, I need to pick another class and the only options I am considering as there are not a lot are office aide, geology, and strength and speed. Now, two questions arise from this. Is choosing office aide going to look bad on my college application as it has no credit or grade attached to it? Does it count as work experience or community service? My next question is that if I decide to take geology will it lower my GPA since I know it is an easy class and will likely get an A? If it does, is it better to take office aide? I have also gained the information that each college calculates their own GPA removing certain classes like p.e or electives. Will that include geology or strength and speed?

Sorry this is a lot, I have been anxious about this decision since I have to make it today as schedules come out tommorow.

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2 years ago

The office aid class has the most benefits to it. It could count as work experience if you are doing office aid work for a company as a part of the class. It is also the best option for your GPA - since it does not count for credit, it will simply have no effect on your GPA, whereas the geology class will lower your weighted GPA if it counts as a standard class. Every college calculates GPA differently based on their own scale, though it is unlikely that they will remove electives from their calculation if they counted for credit. Hope this helps!


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