2 years ago

ACT vs hs counselor

so ive been asking for months on information on the act from my counselor and i have gotten things from "youre too young" to "you dont have the classes" i just started school and all the excuses shes been giving me dont apply, so i should be fine, right? no. i qualify for the fee waiver and i asked the counselor how to get the fee waiver so i can take the test in december. she tries to say most people take the test spring of their junior year and that im not ready. when i point out ive been studying for two years she says i dont have the classes to take it (???) and that i need chem to take it. then she goes on to say my score is gonna be permanently online i guess in a last effort to dissuade me. i told her id be back in a few weeks to talk about the waiver again. what do i do?

EDIT: clarity

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2 years ago

OK... first - your counselor is insane for telling you ANY of that... I have information here at this site, it explains what the ACT is and other stuff (just in case you need it, have questions, etc.)


Just because most people take the ACT spring of junior year doesn't mean you can't... In my opinion - the earlier you take it, the more retakes you can do. If you've done practice for the past two years, have taken practice test, and YOU feel personally ready, then I don't see why you can't take it. What she told you about your score is going to be "permanently online," that is completely false. If you purchase the test, then you have the right to remove that test from your record...

If I were you, I'd take the test... Maybe try to see a different counselor or talk to a teacher to get their opinion? I'm sorry that you're having to go through this... counselors can be a bit annoying sometimes...

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i honestly would pay as a last resort but im planning to go to the board if the counselor keeps this up ngl. thanks for the advice.

2 years ago

you're welcome for the advice and you honestly should go to the board... the counselor has no right to tell you that you can't do something and you should be allowed to get the fee waiver. good luck with your situation!


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