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My gps is 3.9-4 right now, but my overall achievements don’t amount to much. I am aiming to become an accountant and my hobbies are focused on digital art and volleyball. But I just joined volleyball and is a jv player right now. And as for art, my skills are decent (minuri.io on Instagram). However, I haven’t done either my sat or act. I feel extremely unprepared for the following senior year, and am worried I won’t be able to go to my dream universities.

I also have problems with procrastination, and it is to the point where I feel as if there is something something seriously wrong with me mentally. I put aside hours during the day, but I always seem to find a loophole where I do other things. In fact, I am doing collegevine and signing up for scholarships when I should be doing essays and projects. I don’t know how to fix it and I am desperate…

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You still have time to get your SAT in hun no stress. Plus most places are Test optional so its not necessarily a requirement for the SAT/ACT although it does add to your application. You don't need to take them now you can take them in your senior year! Or even in the summer i think. As for procrastination make sure to set your priorities straight before anything! You still have time to do scholarships and such so make sure to push out your current assignments so you can make time to do additional stuff like college browsing! You got this!


2 years ago

At my school it’s recommended to take the SAT for the first time in the spring of your Junior year and taking it again in the fall of your senior year, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Try to take the upcoming PSAT if you can to help you feel more prepared. If you want to fill out that resume a little more, try applying to a few awards/scholarships/honor societies, and maybe get involved in some community service. I think you’re probably not as unprepared as you think, so if you just keep doing what you’re doing you’ll be fine.

As for procrastination, I understand your struggle! One thing that helps me is to give myself a short term incentive, like promising I can take a break or eat something after I finish xyz. Then I get others to hold me to my promise. Another thing is dedicating school to school. If I have free time at school, even if it’s only a few minutes, I do something productive instead of sitting on my phone. It’s surprising how much I can get done. My procrastination hasn’t gone away, but it has gotten better with time and effort. Best of luck to you!


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