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Can I do a sport in college if I didn't do a sport in high school?

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Just a quick question on sports... ever since elementary school I keep on being told by my gym teachers and friends that I should join volleyball because I'm really good. Long story short, I've never been able to because it starts in the summer and I'm unable to participate then, my parents can't take me to games, etc. My question is - can I join a sport in college even though I haven't joined a sport in high school (besides practicing on my own and gym class)? If so, what type of division would it be and how do I explain this to colleges? I'm new to the whole process of sports in college and if I'm allowed to join.

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Some schools have open-door policies and encourage all students to participate in sports, regardless of whether they previously participated in high school or not. However, there are schools that require students to show interest and participate in extracurricular activities to develop social skills and create a positive student environment. Suika game

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Not playing a sport in high school doesn't prevent you from playing one in college. What type of division it would be depends on your team. I'm not sure what you want to explain to colleges. Do you want to convey why you couldn't participate in a sport?

The only requirements for you to be a part of a college sports team competing in tournaments are that you're studying at that college (with a satisfactory GPA, usually 2.0 , but can vary) and you demonstrate your skills in the game. At a less competitive/non-competitive, recreational level, intramurals are always an option.

Hope this helps!

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I am currently a senior in high school and I am in the process of committing to Brandeis University for track ad field, so I consider myself relatively well-versed in this area.

No, you will not be able to immediately compete in college athletics. What I suggest for your freshman year is to join the intramural or club version of your sport, and if you believe you are skilled enough to join the team, you can try out. This would have to be at a DIII School if I had to guess, as the majority of D1 schools fill their rosters with recruits

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