2 years ago

What should I do about AP Chemistry

So, I'm a 4.0 student in junior year, but I'm losing my GPA and getting a B due to AP Chemistry. I'm fine with this because I think colleges will see that AP Chemistry is one of the hardest courses, but I'm starting to do progressively worse and worse on exams (80% on an MCQ and FRQ test being my highest score and 40% on an MCQ quiz being my all-time lowest). I'm very worried, and I don't know if I'm doing worse because I'm burnt out or etc. I really like AP Chemistry, I'm just getting worried. Should I drop AP Chemistry?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Katt2 years ago

Also, if you've taken AP Chem before, is this normal? I just feel like Chemistry is so hard compared to AP Biology, which I'm also taking this year

@Anonymous1232 years ago

It's not just about AP Chem; it's about any class in general. It is normal to face academic challenges. The content and difficulty of classes vary, but the reasons for low grades are common. You could've faced a similar situation in another class.

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2 years ago

As a junior in high school myself, I understand your struggles. AP classes are hard work loads and really difficult to maintain good grades in. That's how it is APUSH for me. Personally, I would talk to your teacher about certain things that he can provide to you to help improve your grade. However, if it is negatively affecting your stress and it's becoming too much to handle after the talk with your teacher, then yes, I would look into switching out of the class. I did this with APSYCH and it was one of the best choices I've made. Another thing you have to think about is does chemsitry matter in the grand scheme of things career wise. Becaus eif not, whats the point right? Hope this helps!

2 years ago

Hi @Katt!

There could be several reasons why your grade is dropping. It could be that the topics are getting harder. Think of any change in your study habits in the past few months. Since you like AP Chemistry, you might be stressed out due to another class or other events in your life.

Try to identify what type of mistakes you make. Some common types of mistakes are: conceptual (not understanding a concept properly), application-based (applying the wrong concept), memory-based (couldn't recall a fact), mathematical, or silly mistakes. You'll see a pattern of errors in your tests and this is what you should focus on. Most types of mistakes can be corrected with enough practice. However, silly mistakes are usually caused by carelessness and absent-mindedness during tests. For eliminating silly mistakes, you need to stay focused on the task at hand.

Try incorporating the above suggestions and see how it goes.

Hope this helps!

2 years ago

As a senior, I would suggest in addition to the other suggestions to find time to relax your mind. Do something that relaxes you, even if it is just for a couple of minutes to help with managing the stress. Make the decision that serves you best.

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