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Will a break ruin my chances?

Hi! I am a junior with a 4.15 GPA, Several AP classes and 2 DE classes and all honors courses.

I intend to apply for UVA with a major in nursing.

The only problem is that due to a medical issue, I did absolutely nothing during my first two years of highschool. I managed to keep my grades and GPA up, but besides that I did no extracurriculars and I wasn't able to do any internships or volunteering. Junior year is the first year that I was able to take part in anything.

In order to make up for the time I missed, I became president of Science National Honor Society, founded and became president of a branch of a Red Cross Club at my school and I was inducted into National Honor Society. I am also working on forming good relationships with my teachers and counselors.

My parents say that I am overreacting, but I am genuinely concerned that a break of two years will hurt my chances of getting into a good school. I know that colleges prefer to see a continuity of activities and focus in one area but I don't have any of that. Will my break harm my chances of getting into a good school?

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a year ago

Hi @dancing_bear564!

Lack of extracurriculars due to medical reasons is a common concern. Admissions officers are humans too and they are aware of such circumstances that can arise in students' lives. You'll be fine because you started getting involved after you were done dealing with the medical condition.

Hope this helps!

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for the raising of your GPA I would take easy classes to raise you GPA. Do as much as you can with the volunteering but don't run your self down that is really important.

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Colleges want to see involvement and genuine interest .Most colleges will see how many leadership positions you have, how involved you were in those extracurriculars. The people in the admissions office are people and they get that ill health can stop a person from being involved in extracurricular activities. The very fact that you are trying hard after recovery shows commitment and interest.

Therefore, that should not affect your chances at all.

Hope this helps !

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