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Honors Precalc Help

Hi, I’m a junior taking Honors Precalculus and I’m struggling in the course. I already asked my teacher for help and I ask her questions in class but the concepts I’m learning are not clicking. All throughout middle and high school I’ve been in the honors math class yet I haven’t struggled like this. Can you please give me some tips to get back on track and resources you used to study? I really want to change my mindset and keep learning but I would like some help.

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Hey there @Kal2317!

This is my answer for a similar question a few weeks ago:

I'm currently in 9th grade and taking Honors Algebra II and will take Honors Precalc next year. Math has never been my strongest suit, but over the years I've developed a few strategies to master it.

1. Khan Academy. It's a free resource and I cannot overstate how helpful it is. You can do lessons on nearly any topic, and not just math. They offer history, English, and science courses as well. I've only used their math lessons, but they're so incredibly helpful and user-friendly. They have videos, articles, and guided practices that are literally the only reason I'm getting an A in math this year. Also, Brilliant is a good source to use. To unlock all lessons, you do have to buy a subscription, but they offer a few free courses.

2. YouTube has a TON of easy-to-follow math tutorials on everything from factoring quadratics to imaginary numbers and beyond. I often just look up videos, take notes, and do guided practices on Khan Academy.

3. Worksheets. You can find worksheets from some incredibly amazing sources that are free to use/print. My favorites are Kuta Software (which has a ton of Algebra worksheets with answers) and Math Aids, which is a similar site. These are really great for extra practice.

4. Make a study group. Get a few of your friends/classmates who are in the same math class as you are and meet a few times a month or whenever you're going to have a test to review the material and check your understanding. It's pretty likely that somebody in your group will know how to solve a problem you're stuck on, and if you have a more extroverted personality type, studying in a group setting can be helpful.

Here are the links to some of the resources I mentioned:






I hope this helped, and I wish you good luck!

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I appreciate the advise but Honors Precalculus and Honors Algebra 2 are two very different subjects. As mentioned above, I have always been good at math until now and I also did well in Honors Algebra 2. Honors Precalculus is an intense class since it prepares students for two semesters of college calculus-- AP Calculus AB and BC. Some students can also take Calc 3 before they graduate high school in my school. Also, some people mistaken Precalculus for Algebra 3, but in reality it is not. Precalculus is a whole new ball game with topics like polar coordinates, trig identities, and understanding so many graphing concepts all packed in one subject...which is why I need help.

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Yes, I definitely understand. But these bits of advice will work with any math class. They aren’t specific to Algebra II, I have been using them for years. I know I’ve never taken Precalculus, but I imagine that I will use these tips when I do. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful and I wish you the best of luck.


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