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is applying to oos schools worth it?

I don't want to share where I live, but I live in a place where the main state school options are really not ideal in any way for me besides finances. The social scene is all party, the academics are okay, and even the athletics aren't outstanding. Even then, they don't offer many aid or scholarships, so tuition will still be quite expensive. My family and I have always loved visiting California, and I feel at home when I'm there. I really want to apply to some UC's, but I know my parents are doubtful of me going to school out of state. Additionally, cost of living, non-residential tuition, and tax all go into play by going out of state. I know that I will enjoy college a lot more in California, and will have a lot more opportunities available to me, but is it worth the cost and huge move? I'm really indecisive, and if going to school in California is actually practical, then I will apply. But if it's not, I'm not gonna apply because it will help me choose a school when it gets to that time.

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I completely understand, i am currently in the same boat with debating on where to go and i have looked into Cali state a lot. My closest college is Ohio University and its a major party school as well, so im looking for a little advise here too:) It is a lot of money to go out of state, but if you think its a jump your willing to take id say apply there is no harm in trying. Also if you get accepted then you make the choice and decided where you truly belong, if you think its Cali go for it :)

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Hey there @dancer3270!

I would recommend applying for a few in-state schools that you like, as well as any UCs that you have a particular interest in. If you don't get into any UCs, then you don't have to worry about anything. If you do, and they seem like they'd be a better fit for you than an in-state school, then you can make a decision with your family to go there. I don't see any reason why you shouldn't apply to a UC, because it's better to get in and decide that you'd rather attend somewhere else than be forced to attend somewhere else and regret not applying to a school that you really love.

Good luck!

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