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Are my extracurriculars weak?

Recently I’ve started becoming more and more worried about college but in particular my ecs. Some notes: I put down senior year because although I’m currently a junior I plan to continue these all into senior year. I’m also attempting to become an investment club leader. I will also likely make varsity lacrosse this year and my senior year.

Model UN: (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)

Student Council: (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)

Investment Club: (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)

French Club: (Sophomore, Junior, Senior)

Student Ambassador (Sophomore, Junior, Senior) - I accept shadows and show them around the school

Tutor (Sophomore, Junior, Senior) - I tutor other students in the core subjects

Write Place (Junior, Senior) - I tutor other students on their essays

Shield (Junior, Senior) - Help with freshman orientation and help freshman throughout the year

Hockey: Jv (freshman) Jv captain (sophomore), Jv captain (junior)

Lacrosse: Jv (freshman), Jv captain and double rostered (soph)

Notre Dame Vision 2022 - 5 day no application summer program

In addition to these I also am involved in different faith based clubs and I am applying to both Notre Dame Leadership Seminars and Notre Dame Summer Scholars.

Please just let me know where I stand and if I should work on building up my ecs. Thanks!

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a year ago

Hi there! I'm also a junior this year, and your extracurriculars are far more impressive than that of most of my classmates. Tutoring and student ambassador-ing are especially great things to have on your college apps. I'm definitely optimistic for you (assuming that you also have a good GPA and rigorous classes)! Good luck with lacrosse and I hope the college search goes well! :3

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Thank you so much!


a year ago

holy christ how do you find the time for all these? dw man ur definitely good to go


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