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Is this enough for Ivy League?

Hello everyone!

I am a junior in GA and this is my weighted transcript. I was wondering if my transcript and my schedule for next year contains enough rigor for Ivy League. Also, I was wondering if I was taking enough courses related to Journalism/Mass Communications bc that is my intended major? If you see a lot of Sociology courses in my 12th grade year it is because I am planning to minor or double major in Sociology:

Please note that courses that are not listed as Honors, AP, or Dual Enrollment are not weighted and report the original score. Also, to get unweighted scores for DE and AP subtract 10% and for Honors subtract 3%

Currently my unweighted GPA is 3.75 or 96% and my weighted GPA is 4.23

Grade 8 (Early High School):

Algebra 1 Honors-85%

Biology Honors-95%

Intro to Digital Tech- 95%

Grade 9:

Health-95% (half credit)

Personal Fitness-95%

9th Grade English Honors-95%

Algebra 2 Honors-95%


Intro to Business Tech-95%

Journalism (half credit)-95%

Psychology (half credit)-95%

World History Honors-95%

Dual Enrollment Freshman Comp 1-105% (half credit)

Dual Enrollment New Student Experience-95%(half credit)

Grade 10:

Drivers Education-95% ( half credit)

Ap US History-105%

Geometry Honors-95%

Lit Comp 10 Honors-95%

Band 2-95% half credit

Spanish 1-95%

Dual Enrollment Astronomy-95% (half credit)

Dual Enrollment Intermediate Algebra-82% (half credit)

Dual enrollment Freshman Comp 2-95%

Dual Enrollment Fundamentals of Speech-105%

Dual Enrollment Intro to Humanities-105% (half credit)

Grade 11:

Spanish 2 A-95% (half credit)

American Government Honors -95% (half credit)

Dual Enrollment Liberal Arts Math 1-95%

Dual Enrollment Earth Science-105% (half credit)

Dual Enrollment Intro to Public Relations-105% (half credit)

Dual Enrollment Mass Communications-95% (half credit)

Spanish 2 Honors- (Ongoing: so I changed schools in the middle of the school year and they made me restart Spanish bc my new school runs on a block schedule where there are 4 courses a semester and each semester course is counted as a full credit except standard half credit courses, of course. This is why I will have 2.5 credits of Spanish)

American Literature Honors-(Ongoing)

Personal Finance and Economics- (Ongoing)

Physical Science- (Ongoing)

12th Grade Prospective Courses:

Work Based Learning (half credit)

DE Business Communications

DE Intro to Sociology

DE Intro to Physical Geography

DE Literature and Film

DE News Writing and Reporting

Work Based Learning 2 (half credit)

DE Intro to Oceanography

DE Political Sciences

DE Intro to Social Problems

DE Media, Culture, and Society

Here are a list of my extracurriculars and awards:

-National Honor Society

-National Beta Club

-National Society of High School Scholars

-Published in Valencia College’s Literary Magazine for Short Fiction and Poetry (2020-2021 and 2021-2022 issues)

-First Place Science Fair Winner

-First Place Elevator Pitch Winner

- Student of the Month (October 2022)

-Student of the Semester (Fall 2022)

Volunteering (167 Hours):

-Volunteering through NHS

-Volunteering at the Educational Choices and Innovation Department of my school district

-Concessions Stand Volunteer

-Children’s Preschool Assistant Volunteer

Test Scores:

PSAT: 1110

ACT: 24 Composite; 20 Math, 23 Science, 25 English, 29 Reading

SAT: 1070 Composite; 550 Reading/Writing, 520 Math

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Your course load at extracurriculars sound good, but your test scores are a little low. 1070 on the SAT for an Ivy League school is basically unheard of-- even a 1370 would be considered pretty low for those schools. While it may not be attainable for you to get your score up 500 points, I would suggest taking the SAT and ACT again and aiming for scores in the 1400-1500s for SAT and ~33+ for the ACT. Otherwise your profile is very strong.

These are the average SAT/ACT scores for the Ivy Leagues as of last year:



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