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Hey everyone, I'm kinda feeling like my extracurriculars are average, and I want to boost them before applying to college. Any ideas?

I've spent 1 year in Speech and Debate

1 year in Student Council

1 year in Science Team

2 years in Spanish Honor Society

3 years in Reading Bowl

I have trouble with transportation so that's why I it's so inconsistent.

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If your school has any clubs that take place during the school day, try to join one/get a leadership role in one. Additionally, if your school has any sports teams that have practice before/after school and you could get someone to pick you up a few hours later, try joining a team. Art, writing, and music are all things you can persue at home. Submit to art or writing competitions. If you can, rent an instrument and find a teacher at school or on Zoom that could give you lessons for a fee. Photography is a great thing to do at home if you have a cell phone or camera. You can submit your photos to a competition or a magazine. If you like to write, you could start a blog. If you have any social media accounts, you could become a content creator. Make videos/posts about things you enjoy, books you've read, your artwork or writing, or your life as a student. Organize a drive for a charity and collect donations from people at your school. Volunteer in your community if there are any places nearby that you can get to easily and need volunteers. If you excel at any subjects, become a tutor in the mornings before school or online for people at school. Do a remote internship. The good news is that after COVID, there are a lot more opportunities you can experience from your own home!

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Thank you! I can definitely submit to more contests for art, it's something I enjoy and have taken classes on. Those are all great ideas, thank you!


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