a year ago

What classes should I take senior year?

I know I'm going to take AP Lit, AP Physics, and JROTC, but I don't know about the rest of them.

Should I take AP Calculus AB or BC?

Should I take AP Biology, Dual Enrollment Biology, or AP Psychology? Will it look bad if I take DE Bio instead of AP? Would it look bad if I took AP Psych instead of a college course biology?

Should I take Dual Enrollment Anatomy or Human and Physiology Honors?

If I don't take AP Bio, should I take Spanish III Honors?

I'm trying to go premed by the way.


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a year ago

Hello! I'm also a junior interested in premed, this is going to look like unorthodox advice, but...

You don't have to stress yourself academically senior year! Premed is more about your grades in college and MCAT score in highschooler. All these AP's and advanced classes are not as important as you'd think.

Here's my (more specific) advice:

Definitely AB unless you're very very very interested in Math. I wouldn't recommend Calc at all, in correlation with all your other high-rigor AP's. It's really up to you. Take an honest look at how you perform in math and your background knowledge.

DE Bio gets you more of a college experience- traditionally it looks 'worse' for higher difficulty college admissions, but it gives you a key insight into what college looks like. As for AP Psych, I'd highly recommend taking this, as psych is on the MCAT and AP Psych is a good introduction. However, if you want a Bio degree for med school apps (Which is the most common) I'd recommend AP or DE Bio, to decide between the two, I'd analyze transportation and other factors of DE that AP doesn't have. I recommend Psych so you have less difficult AP's.

I'd highly recommend the honors course, you have a lot of HIGHLY difficult AP's and you're going to be very tired this year. It's important to try and have some fun, so decrease your class load. Don't overload yourself- you will burn out.

I'd say no, Premed looks for more science courses than language. Three years of a WL is recommended- but not essential. I did take 3 years of Latin, but that's me.

Here's my schedule for reference:

Junior: Precalc, Marketing Research, Latin III, AP Lang, Marketing Management, APUSH, AP Seminar

Senior: (DE?) Gov/Econ, Honors Anatomy/Physiology, AP Lit, AP Research, Mentorship, (Maybe Stat. reasoning)

a year ago

You should take AP classes rather than dual enrollment if possible, since colleges have a slight preference for AP classes. Dual enrollment is better than taking an honors class if an AP is not available.

I recommend taking AP Bio, dual enrollment anatomy, and either AP Calculus class since both are viewed in the same light for pre-med students.

Hope this helps!

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