9 months ago

does anyone have good tips for someone who needs better structure and routine?

I need new study tricks, and better ways to be able to sit down and get my homework done? I can tell that my grades struggle due to the fact that I cannot consistently do my homework, and at the end of the day I feel really discouraged to even do my work anymore.

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9 months ago

Hi @lily-uh, I had the same problem when it came to studying. I have ADD and really couldn't focus on it or get motivated to do it in a timely manner. This might sound strange but I found that self re-awarding worked well for me, I would use the mindset of "If you do this part of the paper than you can have 10 minutes of free time". However my free time would be getting a snack or playing with my pet. Try avoiding your phone if that's part of the distraction. Also having snacks that you like to eat also helps while studying and I find it makes me happier so I stay motivated for longer.

🎤9 months ago

Oh thats a great idea thank you!


9 months ago

The way school is structured means it just doesn't work for everyone. I'm unfortunately only realizing this now that I'm graduating, not that there's much I could have done about it. Waking up early, spending the whole day at school, and having to do homework in the evening/night means I'm tired throughout the day and don't even really have an energy boost to look forward to. I suspect I also have ADHD or something similar btw. Try making a to-do list or using a stricter study schedule like the Pomodoro technique (30 minutes on, 5 minutes off, occasional longer break). Putting all distractions aside really helps. Doing easier/more rigid tasks first (worksheets, textbook problems) and longer/more fluid tasks (essays, projects) later also helps me. I try getting stuff done in school if I have time because it means when the evening exhaustion hits, I don't have as much to do if anything. Everyone is different, though, so you have to experiment and find what works for you.

9 months ago

I agree with all these points made! A reward system and more structure when it comes to homework and studying really boosts productivity!

A good routine also comes with adequate sleep and nutrition, because a good schedule is not of any use if your brain is too sleep deprived or hungry to do actual work.


9 months ago

As someone with the same problem, I found a book published by New Harbinger about procrastination for teens super helpful. Lots of useful and practical strategies. Check it out- it really helped me out with this same issue. Good luck!


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