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Psychology passion project?

I’m a rising senior and I am applying to colleges in the fall, but have nothing in my extra curriculars or classes that have anything to do with my major, psychology. I was thinking of doing a passion project in the summer related to psychology, but nothing is coming to mind… any suggestions?

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Psychology is a liberal arts (social studies)/science (medical) major, so as long as you have ECs/classes that are related to research/writing, science/medical, history or community-based, you wouldn't have to worry too much about connecting it back to psychology. But if you would still like to do something related to psychology, then there are a few options:

- Start a YouTube Channel or Blog Account related to mental health awareness

- Host an event for students with a professor or specialist (speaker) to talk about current mental health issues with a Q/A session after. If you don't have any connections or don't have anyone who might be willing, then you can always get with some of your friends and do a presentation regarding an issue that you're passionate about. Usually this is something that is done by students as part of student-led organizations or school affiliated clubs, but you can still make this an impactful lone event by gathering about 30-100 students. This can be virtual.

- Start volunteering at a local mental health center or hospital.

- Host a campaign either to raise funds for a non-profit advocating for a prevalent mental health issue or spread awareness through interactive events/walkatons.

- There's plenty of Psychology-based competitions hosted by the APA board or any other reputable organization.

- If you are 18 already, then I suggest volunteering through crisis hotlines as a crisis counselor. However note that this requires a lot of time dedication for training sessions and usually about 4 hours of continuous service, and is a huge responsibility. Personally, I'm planning on volunteering through this one after I turn 18: https://www.crisistextline.org/become-a-volunteer/

- Join your local Red Cross school club or organization. You can host fundraisers, donation campaigns, awareness events, first-aid training sessions, and volunteer for refugees, etc. through these chapters. I'm part of my school's Red Cross, and it has given me sooo many different opportunities.

- Write a Research Paper about any issue you're passionate about.

Good Luck!!


a year ago

Hello. In my opinion, your most important subject will be yourself. Understand yourself, create your own map. A map of your psychological state and solutions to these problems. This can be a difficult challenge for yourself. But you will discover yourself on the other side and will surely know how to fix it. Good luck.


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