11 months ago

When your school doesn’t offer much

does anyone know how badly it affects me that my schools offers like 2 honors classes for each grade? i’m taking every one of those more advanced classes i can but they don’t offer much and i wanna know how much it would hurt me

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11 months ago

When your school doesn't offer much, you have a couple of other options:

-Make your own club: Honestly, this can be better than joining one. This shows that you have what it takes to be in a leadership positions, and could show your passion towards whatever club you make.

-community service: I would look up community services around your town. I would also check out your local library because they might have some info on that.

-Ask your teachers for more challenging work

-Join classes related to the career you want to pursue. Even if it isn't a more advanced class, gaining the skills required for what you want to be may be the best option.

I hope this helps!


11 months ago

Honestly, your lack of opportunity can be beneficial. By taking ever honor class available, you are proving that you are loading your coursework with the most rigorous classes possible. Yes, the options may be limited, but that means you are going out of your way to make the most of what you have. Colleges like that. I am in a very similar school, so I chose to do the most difficult thing I possibly could. Colleges look at your background and what is available at your school. I think you should be fine.


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