11 months ago

How can I show my passion more on my resume/application?

I plan on majoring in political sciences and later on go to law school to become a criminal lawyer

I've taken multiple classes related to this such as criminal justice, law studies, and planning on taking APUSH, Criminal Law/Criminal Proceedings, and AP Government later in High School

I'm in the debate team in my school and have been invited to law related summer camps, which I'm not able to attend due to the price.

I have also tried looking for internships but haven't been able to find any that accept minors :c

My school doesn't offer a wide variety of resources on this topic so I was wondering in what other ways am I able to show my passion for this.

I plan on making my passion project about this also but no ideas have come to mind yet so any ideas for this are also appreciated!

Thank you for your time!

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11 months ago

Hello, while I personally am not interested in law, I've met some upperclassmen who ended up going to law schools all across the world from USA, UK, France, Japan, and more.

One of them mentioned how in their essays, they mentioned how whenever the opportunity, they would go to court cases and watch the proceedings since they were in elementary and that made them stand out.

As for passion projects, I would suggest creating engaging videos about criminal law on YouTube or any other social media frequently. You could take bits and pieces of criminal law in your country/state and say... write it using the 1000 most common English words (so younger kids can understand) and possibly post that on a blog/website.

Hope this helps,

SilverDragon (10th-rising 11th, Class of 2025, Japan)

11 months ago

Hello! I suggest maybe starting a law club, or personal law/case review blog? I think something you create on your own related to the criminal law field can help show your dedication, especially since there aren't many preexisting opportunities in the field for high school students.

(You probably already have, but just in case,) Try looking into virtual summer camps or summer camps that offer scholarships as well, as they could potentially be free.

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