11 months ago

How do I make my app pop?

I don't know if pop is the right word haha, but I am a bit worried. I have solid academics (A+ average, 2 years so far) and some regional/school awards. Those things are great, but I don't want to get lost in the application process from not standing out. I'd like to pursue a career in BME or Agriculture. So far, besides grades, I have:

- NYLC conference (presented composting system I made for my school with a grant)

- Leader/student mentor for youth service club

- Member of other interest clubs (Outdoors Club, Hispanic Heritage, BLM)

- Member of RMHC teen board

- Volunteer at local soup kitchens and GLAM (girls learning advanced math)

I'm hoping to do an internship and action project (I can explain either of those more). What should I add? Should I remove anything?

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11 months ago[edited]

Have a strong college essay and strong SAT and ACT score if applicable. If you’re able to take or already have taken AP classes, do well in those classes and take difficult ones. Do a passion project, do a research paper related to BME and Agriculture. (This is kind of hard to do.) Have you been in any competitions? Won any awards? Consider these factors :) Wish u the best 😊


11 months ago

Hi, personally I am not from or in the states but I would personally advice you add a sporting activity to your extra curriculum,you could also register as an intern to a research center I think that would be helpful not only for your extra curricular activities but it would hel with the course you want to study.

You could also ask for a recommendation letter from either your school's counselor or principal,they go a long way for your application. Good 🤞😊.


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