10 months ago

Ideas on Extracirriculars

Hello Guys.

Academically, I'm doing pretty good. In terms of Extracurricular activities, however, I need to step it up.

I am Currently:

The Secretary for a Club

In the Mock Trial team of my School

Have been taking Piano for 6-7 years, and swimming

Trying to develop my own E-Commerce Site (Demo)

Any Ideas on what I could do better?


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10 months ago

It seems like you have an impressive list of extracurricular activities! I noticed that the other users have given you some great advice, and I'd like to echo their suggestions. In addition to your current activities, I recommend taking on more leadership roles, such as being the president of your mock trial team, JV swim team captain, or a piano tutor. It could also be helpful to focus on one or two of your passions and develop them into Tier 1 activities, like winning a national or international youth piano competition or startup contest. If you enjoy something, why not strive for excellence and recognition in it? Overall, you're doing great and headed in the right direction.


10 months ago

I think currently you have a couple solid ECs. Note that you'll have the option of listing up to 10 Extracurriculars on your college application. Usually it is recommended to fill out about 8-10 Extracurriculars for a solid resume. Not all of these would have to be outstanding accomplishments. Having around 3-5 ECs that are either unique or long-time commitments or own initiatives is really good (for example: Your E-Commerce Website Demo; Long-Term Piano Player; Competitive Swimming in a School Team - Varsity, etc.). The remaining spots would usually be any type of community service activities or hobbies or any short term commitments.

Currently some of the ECs that you listed could be developed upon. I would recommend "leveling up" your Piano and Swimming commitments to something more impressive.

Here are some ideas: (I wouldn't say do all of these but one for Piano & one for Swimming would be ideal)

- Swimming Teacher/tutor or Assistant Coach

- Swimming Lifeguard

- Piano Tutor

- Piano Player at a Local Church or Nursery or Retirement Home

- Certified Piano Player (For example: ABSRM Grade 8)

- Swim Team (Varisty or Junior Varsity or outside of school solo competitions, etc.)

Some other ideas:

- Part-Time Job

- Leadership Positions in Clubs that you are currently a member of

- Pick at least 1 or 2 places to regularly volunteer at (Animal Shelter, Food Packing Center for the Homeless, Local Hospital, etc.) - any local organization

Other than that, it is recommended to have some of your ECs dedicated to your future major (ig the E-Commerce Website in this case if I'm not wrong?). I can help provide more specific ideas if you tell me which major(s) you are going for.

All in all, you have quite a few impressive activities and you are on the right track. I hope that was helpful!


10 months ago

Those seem solid. If you wanted to improve you could consider getting more leadership positions, joining more clubs, and community service. Maybe a job or internship are just some ideas to get started but whatever you choose to do make sure you are passionate about it.


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