11 months ago

how do i (an introvert) start a club?


im a highschool rising junior and im trying to make my resume better for colleges. a lot of people say that starting a club is good for extracurriculars. i dont have much time to do a lot of extracurricular activities becausse i dont have that much free time outside of school :/ its making me worried that i wont be able to get into my top choice atm, upenn. only extracurricular ive done was basketball and i wont be doing it again. looking at other peoples profiles it makes the idea of getting into an ivy seem a little impossible, but maybe if i start a club i could somewhat bolster my resume! thing is, im not too liked at my school and im not great with breaking out of my shell, so how does someone like me start a club? i dont want to just do it bc i want to look good on a resume but i want others to like it too. idk how i can make it work with my schedule either. if anyone has any advice on how they started a club as an introvert or as someone who didnt have a lot of time outside school that would be very helpful! maybe some ideas for clubs i can join could help as well, but keep in mind i do go to a bare bones school :P

thank you!!


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11 months ago

Hey there @pbnj!

I, too, am a massive introvert, so I totally understand where you're coming from. However, I think that clubs in general are a great way to meet new people with a similar set of interests, so they're not as daunting as some other things. Before starting a club of your own, try looking for clubs at your school that sound interesting and need have an empty leadership position that you could fill. Anything from a book club to a baking club to SEAL club could be a great place to start.

If your school doesn't offer any clubs that interest you, pick a topic you're passionate about and start one of your own. It doesn't have to be anything amazing; my school has yoga clubs and tabletop roll-playing games clubs, so the sky's the limit. Then, try to find a few people who could help you run the club. Ideally you'd have a president (probably yourself), a vice president, and a secretary. If your club will require funding and/or raise money for a cause, a treasurer is also important. My school has a club fair at the beginning of the year where everyone signs up for a club. If your school has something similar, set up a booth at that. If not, printing flyers and handing them out and/or hanging them up in the hallways on campus also works really well. Once you have a few members, pick a day that everyone can meet (and a day that works for you, too!) and make an announcement during any all-school assemblies or meetings you may have. If you don't want to make the announcements yourself, someone else from the club could. :) At my school, clubs meet during the lunch break, so you could see if your school has a similar setup.

Good luck!

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