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Should I choose honors courses or regular?

Hello Everyone!

For my freshman year of High School I've got a chance to choice Honors courses or regular. Can you suggest some subjects I should choose that are honors which would help me get into a top school. Also does honors courses increase chances for a ivy league?

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7 months ago

Hi!! I’m a rising junior and i’ve taken all the possible honors classes i could in the past two years. I only recommend taking honors if you’re ready for the course load, but the work isn’t any more difficult than regular classes. It’s just more work. History and english are the easiest in my opinion when doing an honors class bc it’s all memorization, math and science only if you’re good


7 months ago[edited]

As a rising junior, I would say...

Math and English: Take APs and Honors if you can (preferably APs more)

Science: Just choose you strongest subjects in this category for Honors/AP

Social Studies: Only take it if you're good at it to a degree.

Other Subjects (e.g. AP/Honors Music, AP/Honors Visual Arts, etc.): Only choose the ones you like

As for "Also does honors courses increase chances for a ivy league?". Yes. Universities would like to see you get a B in an AP course, (B+/A- for Honors) than an A/A+ in a regular course. Course rigor is fairly important.

I have taken 3 APs (1 freshmen, 2 sophomore), and 4 honors (1 in 6th, 1 in 7th, 1 in 8th, 1 in 10th)

Hope this helps:

SilverDragon (10th-rising 11th, Class of 2025, Japan)


7 months ago

It depends on the school, but rather than honors, try to take as many APs as you can. Obviously, if you have none available then take honors, but generally colleges will focus on course rigor the most and taking the hardest class choices available will be most beneficial. Of course if you don't have AP's or honors in some courses the college will take that into consideration. Also consider what you plan to major in college. A CS major will not want to focus on taking the hardest humanities courses and vice versa. In the end, to best increase your chances of getting into top colleges, I recommend that you take the hardest courses offered (for ur major).

I forgot to mention this, but if you aren't confident you can do well in a harder level course, don't take it as it could be more detrimental to you.

I don't know if this helps, but I hope this clears things up.

I am a rising senior and am starting my college apps.


7 months ago

Hey there @Shreyansh19837!

I'm a rising sophomore and I took four honors classes in my freshman year, which was the maximum number of honors classes offered. If you take & do well in honors-level classes, it will boost your chances for a top college. I would suggest taking honors English, science, history, and math if you feel confident in those subjects, sticking to standard language classes, if you take a language, and doing 1-2 electives, such as art or technology at a standard level. If you do end up taking 3-4 honors classes, make sure to schedule a study hall or free period in your week, because honors classes typically have more homework and tests. In short, only take honors classes in courses you feel comfortable in and know you can succeed at.


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