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passion project

hi guys,

i'm currently going to be a rising junior in the fall. my stats are good, but my extracurriculars are extremely weak (2 clubs with no leadership position). I know I have to create a spike on my application this year, so I've been planning to start a club or two, do some research with a professor (I don't know if I have to find my own topic?) and do a passion project. the problem is that I have no idea how to start or what to do. my intended major is neuroscience. i was thinking about starting up some sort of social media account, but I've heard that colleges don't think that they matter much. i don't really know what to do when i find a different project or how to start.

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Hey there @air35!

While the following ideas aren't necessarily 'passion projects,' they can boost your EC resume overall.

1. Try getting an internship in the neuroscience field. A surprising amount of hospitals and/or medical research centers have summer programs and internships available to high school students. You can also look for research opportunities at colleges and universities.

2. If you're extremely knowledgeable about a certain subject and/or you've completed some research, you can potentially write or co-author an article about your findings to be published in an academic/science journal. I think something like this would probably count as a passion project.

3. As you said, you could start a social media platform, but a blog or website could be good ideas too, especially if you're a strong writer as they can better showcase your skills and knowledge.

Some general extracurricular advice:

- Get a leadership role in a club you're already part of to show a long-term commitment.

- If you can, join a sports in school.

-Try taking up music lessons, band, choir, or theatre.

- Get some community service hours. A general recommendation for the amount of hours is between 50-200, I believe. You could potentially volunteer at a hospital or science lab to show connection to your interests.


11 months ago

Hi!! I’m actually in almost the exact same situation as you. I’m interested in bio engineering and i do have a leadership position and stuff at my school, but I have a huge passion project for the IB program and no idea what to do


11 months ago

In regards to doing research, you should try to find ongoing projects and request to join them. One thing that some people may not realize is that local university clubs even in private instituations would take members from HS.


10 months ago

if you are very set on neuroscience i would maybe visit a clinic in your area and volunteer in anyway you can or maybe an internship if you can. just get involved, colleges love to see someone that is passionate and that has something that they are very interested in.


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