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I want to start a club but…

How do I start a club and initiate aspects like fundraisers, inviting public speakers, organizing community service, and planning activities? I have no experience in any of these areas, so I'm unsure how to proceed.

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Hello Ria, I'm glad to see people as thoughtful as you are. Well, just like you, I also wanted to start a club(more like a non profit organization) and was unsure about how to go about it. But if you are a fan of reading books, I hope you've heard of Mr.Robert Kiyosaki (famously known for his book "Rich dad poor dad") you probably know that you need to have three main things to start a non profit/club or even business. You need the right team, clear purpose with a positive impact and lastly funds. So, am assuming you already have a team to do that(most fundraisers would prefer helping you out as a team than a person as it shows leadership, commitment and that it is likely to last long). So now that you have a team and a clear purpose, then I'll advice you this way.

Firstly, if its a club that you want to start at your school and leave it as you graduate high school and have a college acceptance, I'll advice using the parents of the school as you're greatest asset since even when you leave, their kids can take over. Try to organize an event with the school(can be a science fair, cultural exhibition or educational seminar for change) and include your club. Prepare with your team and get the parents involved, explain your objectives, how you plan to work and what impact you want to leave and the assistance you and your team need, they'll be glad to help in any way they can (and you never know, some parents may even be interested to mentor you throughout and give assistance on things you never know you'll need help with).

But then, if its a club that you can turn into a non profit organization and targets a wider audience and is likely to last longer than high school, I'll suggest finding organizations and companies that will be interested in your goals. Contact them, telling them about your team, your goals, what you have achieved and what you plan to achieve when you have enough funds, be clear on the fact that you need financial assistance to grow bigger(not necessary to mention the amount but be clear on how you are planning to use the funds you'll get) and if they are interested, they'll definitely ask to meet you and your team( or just some representatives but as a leader and initiator, you definitely have to be there). Ofcourse, as any other interviews,be on time(arrive at least 10 mins before as it shows determination and keen interest in working with them.) and I hope you can have great interview and know how to move it from there.

I'll give you a personal experience and hope it'll be useful for you. So, I had finished the IB-MYP and before doing the IB Diploma program(I hope you have heard of the IB Diploma program, its basically a rigorous and academically challenging program that's two years long as an other high school program). So during that holiday, I tried seeing what I'll be doing before starting junior year in August, and I was lucky to find what I love. Even though I'll blankly confess that am not interested in ending world hunger or deal with global warming (even though I hope it ends but its not like something I'll want to be involved in). But I am genuninely interested in making an impact on the education value given in Africa to raise change makers in Africa and I had a wholesome plan on how we can go about it with a 10 year plan. I had the best team and with the clear purpose, we had started our own website (since am good with digital marketing, graphic designing and cyber security, it was easier) and social media accounts. We then found philanthropic organizations that might be interested to work with us and then used our organization email and emailed only two who had already made a great impact on education in Africa. To my suprise, I was answered by both, but decided to work hand in hand with the one that was based on my country. They had invited me to their offices to discuss further, and I walked in on the agreed date and time, discussed with a really great man there who then became my mentor and greatest assistant. We needed only funds but ended up being a part of the biggest charity organization headed by one of the top richest people in Africa. After the first meeting, we shared Google docs and he helped us till we had the best final draft and as a team, we were called to meet with the board of directors, did the presentation where we took them through the process and it was finally passed on. We now receive full financial help from them as well as mentorship since we are also students and gladly, the man I first met and the owner of the foundation did their IB in the same school I currently go to which helped us get assistance on organizing an event and with my team(they go to separate international schools but we did it together, I insist on working as a team than a group) and with more parents, we had better fundings and have started another impactful project and we are still getting better and better every day.

Final thought: I'm glad that you are ready to take initiative, its a really great thing. Build a great team, state your goals and how long you are expecting to continue this club as well as the impact you want to have in the society or whatever you do in general. Be clear on the assistance you need to make your organization grow. Find organizations( preferably non profit) and companies that will be interested to work with you and contact as many as you possibly can( I only contacted two cause I was sort of sure that they will be interested in working with us as many high school students from my demographics don't do this). Be open to them on your meeting with them concerning your achievements and challenges you face and what help you expect from them. Once they are interested, they'll definitely introduce you to more people and you'll keep growing steadily with them. Let me know if I can assist you any further, if you have any questions for me, I'll always be glad to assist you.

Goodluck with your club!

🎤10 months ago

THANK U! For your information it was really useful. I love rich dad poor dad and I also have a plan my club will be called DEH

(Digital entrepreneur hub) helping small business owners grow. Any tips?

9 months ago


I am so glad that you found my information useful :) and I love your plan, its really great. However, am not sure if you'll like what am about to say but again, its only what I think is best and you can decide on what you want to do. But I think there about two paths you can take and I'll tell you how both can work and you can decide on what path you want to take;

Firstly; you can find organizations that deal with helping organizations/entrepreneurs grow which is like what you are doing so it won't really make sense, right!? However, there few national ones(mostly based on the US that I found online such as Small business administration, National small business association, Chamber of commerce and Service Corps of Retired Executives etc, you can just search for more online and you'll definitely get your top pick. They mainly deal with helping business grow by strategizing and connecting them to bigger businesses). But well, before even contacting any of them, please do your "homework". As in, have all the necessary done, having well written files on your mission, vision, philosophy, goals, how you are planning to operate and how do you work, do you help these entrepreneurs from finding out the problems in their demographics and how they can turn them to business ideas to marketing to the right hiring method to how they should delegate tasks till finally when they can establish a stable business or however you plan to work it through, elaborate on how when a business owner approaches you, how do you plan to help them through, how long each process takes, is there an application form one will need to fill in, how do you plan to impact the society through this, just be clear on all these and you should be well. Then, contact different organizations that can help you through, even though my best advice would be, approach them while explaining that you have an interest to solve so many ongoing problems in the society such as healthcare, education and many more societal problems, could be something out of an observation such as food delivery(well, I don't know what part of the world you are from so I really can't tell your societal problems but I've been in Africa and currently doing high school in Norway so am saying what I've seen in both) but then, just observe the issues that are wrong in the society and how you can turn that into a business idea(I have a good number of observations but will take forever if I'm to explain one after the other and how they can be turned to business solutions, however, my best advice is just observe the issues that you wish had a solution and see how you can make a business out of it). Now, when you contact them, explain your observations maybe 3 to 5 and how you these can be turned into solutions and how you want the funds to help you establish a domain or however you want to use them, so that small business owners or just entrepreneurs who have the money but don't know what to invest in or where to start from, and how you can sell most of these solutions and as well as how your organization will help them market till the businesses grow. I think that would make more sense rather than plainly asking them for funds without them seeing how they will be used and the problems that you are trying to solve and what impact that you are trying to make in the society.

Alternatively; you may decide to go directly with a different path and choose to solve a more direct problem such as trying to assist dyslexic students with a new AI, forming a group that deals with assisting teens to speak up their worries and issues, or maybe one that educates more on mental healthcare, or maybe wanting to start a sports academy that will help nurture talents, it could be anything as long as it interests you and is impactful. Find organizations that will want to grow with you and mentor you and go for it! Then, you can explain your hustle and how the process of getting to achieve your goals was not so easy and how you want others to navigate the process more smoothly as well as your passion to see issues in the society solved and how as long as a business makes an impact in the society, it makes you feel as you have been able to solve a problem in the society and if your first idea went through well, you will definitely be able to establish meaningful connections that will help you get through the second, which is in fact your actual idea. And you can see how to go through it from there. And well, do you know the best part of this path, you have two activities to use on your college applications{ just saying :) }

And another idea that just hit me when I was typing the above, you could try to organize different events. Of course, one could include the parents one as I mentioned above. Or maybe, you could organize an event with your team where your audience have to pay a bit and you could explain that the amount collected is simply to raise funds to support a bigger course. Find an exciting topic that is meant to attract a bigger audience(preferably middle and high school students so that you are more comfortable). The event could be about anything, discussing teenage issues and a place where teens can advice each other(maybe people could wear face masks for those who think they might ask things and will not want to be pinpointed later, but mainly suggest that its more of a place where people should feel free to talk about anything and navigate teenage hood together), or maybe for people who are looking for ideas on what extra curricular or competitions they could engage in and selecting schools, how to fund their education, and so many things concerning either middle school to high school transition and how to select either AP, IB, Dual enrollment or honors for junior and senior years, and as well as sharing advices on how to go through middle school as well as high school and discussing on either high school options and college options and career navigation advice and so many things. Find ideas that make a middle school or high schooler think its worth spending their time and allowance on. So, well, if you would want to do this, we could get more personalized and I could assist you on graphic designing of the posters to either parents or the students and how you could market to attract the local audience and even later, on a virtual event where more people are attracted and could join on Zoom or something, there lots of options. So making posters and spreading the word to as many people as possible and charge quite low to attract as many people. Then from there, you could use the funds collected to support your own growth and be able to start operating with your team.

Final thought: Any of the options that you choose will work for you dear, as long as you are willing to put the time and dedication for it. Please note that; if you are to approach any organization, they probably know that you are a student so be clear on how you are planning to balance your schedule and how much time you can dedicate on this without affecting your academics and social life. But otherwise, see what fits best for you, and if I can ever be of any assistance, I'll be more than glad to assist you through. Am deeply sorry for a much later follow-up response but I had to be sure and think through it before advising you on anything.

Best of luck dear, go for it!


9 months ago

I would definitely start by seeing if any teachers you want to work with are interested in the club. Also, try pitching it to people you know (friends and classmates) to see if they like the kind of activities you want to do. That way you know what the turnout might be like and can get ideas so that more people want to come.


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