11 months ago

rude teachers - how do i deal with them?

My sophomore year, my math teacher was rude, saying things like "Your homework looks really good, unless you copied it off of someone else" when I came in during office hours for homework help. Because I wasn't able to switch teachers without having to level down from my honors class, I had to stay with this teacher and earned a C my first semester. I feel like this was due to the fact I was so scared to ask her for help the rest of the semester after she accused me of cheating. However, even though I survived that math class, I still feel like I don't know how to properly deal with rude teachers and still end up with a good grade in the class. Does anyone have any advice?

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11 months ago

If it's just general cattiness and strictness - sorry but sometimes you have to put up with it, possibly cater to that teacher and their demands to get a good grade. You will have to put up with insufferable people, from professors to bosses to coworkers, throughout your life. If the teacher is being unfair to you, retaliating, accusing you of academic dishonesty when you have proof that you didn't cheat, etc, you should go to a higher-up like your guidance counselor or school admin. Your math teacher's behavior sounds like it fell more in the second category, it's unacceptable and unprofessional for a teacher to accuse you of cheating without proof.

11 months ago

100% agree. It's part of life to deal with people who are rude and nasty to you for no reason, but in a teacher- student relationship it's completely unacceptable. I would definitely take this to administration.


11 months ago

If this happens to you again for any reason, I would suggest taking it up with the head or your school or an administrator who could do something about it. It's not right for a teacher to unfairly accuse someone of cheating. You could also potentially ask another teacher at your school if you could come to their office hours if you ever end up with a rude teacher again.


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