10 months ago

how should i pick my major?


im a rising highschool junior attending a small school and im pretty lost on where i should go with my career and choosing a major for college. i have an idea of what i want to do but im scared that im just making myself choose it bc it makes a lot of money. i want to be a labory and delivery nurse or something like that. idk if im smart enough to do it or if ill be dedicated enough to see all the schooling thru. its scary to think about but i have no real passion. my main concern with jobs is money and something that i enjoy enough at the very least. i really like newborns bc theyre cute and working with new life seems interesting and fun to me but idk if i can handle all that comes with the job. everyone else in my grade seems to know what they want to do and im scared that when i choose my major and commit to this career that i will regret it. can anyone give me some advice on how i should choose my major and if i can deal with being a nurse in general? it woould be really helpful to me!!

thank you!

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9 months ago

Hey! I don't think this is going to be of much help, but I am going through the same exact predicament and I can totally understand you. I am also planning to go into the medicine field and am a rising junior, but don't know if I have enough passion or drive for it. I have tried shadowing a doctor and as cool as it was, I am still not sure if it's something I would want to dedicate my life to. I am good at studying so I think I might be able to survive but if I lose the desire for it, I don't know how long I'll last. Idk about medicine, but I love psychology. That is the only hope I'm holding on to, even if I would have to go through the entire medical journey to become a psychiatrist. Good luck to the both of us!

🎤8 months ago

lots of luck to u dude :))


9 months ago

heyyy i'm not a nurse myself but i did take a medical careers course at a community college this summer so i can tell you a little bit about what i learned about nursing. firstly there are lots of different options in terms of education; you can get an associate's degree or a bachelor's degree and still become a nurse (depending on whether you want to be a registered nurse or a certified nursing assistant). but all nurses should be ok with things like body fluids and be able to handle stress. this does depend on which type of nurse you want to be and what field of nursing you want to go into, but nurses are quite literally the backbone of hospitals. nurses the ones who are constantly interacting with patients, not the doctors. because of that you need to be ok with dealing with patients who need help showering, going to the bathroom, etc. you said that you're interested in becoming a delivery nurse and that's super great! one of my instructors was a delivery nurse and she loves it so much! the greatest thing about being a nurse is that you're able to switch into a different field pretty easily. if you find that being a delivery nurse isn't for you, you could simply take a training course in a different field that interests you more. hope this helps :)


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