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Extracurricular ideas (what else should I do)

What other extracurriculars should I do? I’m already in NHS and have taken leadership positions, I’ve done a card game club in freshman year (the club got canceled), I’ve done several summer programs and have had a summer job, I do boxing and weightlifting, and I plan to join NSHS, do some research in the medical field, have an internship at a hospital/clinic, become the president of NHS and NSHS in senior year, and maybe get another summer job. This app tells me that all of what I’ve mentioned above isn’t enough to get into my dreams schools, but I’m curious as to what other extracurriculars I should do.

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Your extracurriculars are impressive. Just not unique. Everything you have just mentioned have shown that you are willing to take leadership positions and have a strong mindset. What people mean by saying that you should have strong extracurriculars is that, is one of your ecs unique? Unique to your niche? Your dream career? Your college major? If you are interested in the sciences: do an experiment, write a research paper, if you don’t have the ability to do an experiment, or have a mentor by your side, write a literature review. If you are interested in business: create a small nonprofit and do your best to have an impact on a specific community. Computer science? Create a website or a video game. English? Publish a article. Do you see where I am going? Ask yourself “what is my niche?”. To find your niche, look into what you plan on majoring in college or your dream career field and try to come up with a passion project that relates to it. Colleges look for someone who knows what they are focused on and how their extracurriculars makes them interested in their major. Sure pursuing a ton of extracurriculars will make you seem like a well rounded student however having a clear interest on a subject will stand you out from everyone else who does volunteering, honor society, and anything else that the majority of students already do.

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Oh that makes sense, thank you so much! I’ll look for something unique.


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