9 months ago

Am I taking too many difficult aps? Will I able to manage it?

This is my schedule for this year:

Online H French

IB Core - 2 Days

Ap Computer Sci A - everyday

Ap Physics + lab - everyday + lab period 1 day

Ap Comp Gov - everyday

IB Lang and Literature Year 1 - every day

Ap Environmental Sciences - everyday

I also have extracurriculars but I would like to focus on my education for this year. I really like this schedule and I would like to do it, however I don't want to if it risks my gpa. The things Im unsure about is ap physics 1 and if I can manage it with that schedule.

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9 months ago

Hey there @dsnair!

Four AP classes and two IB classes is kind of a lot-- these classes have increased rigor and have a lot more homework and assessments, as well as additional studying requirements for bigger tests. It also sounds like you're taking three different science classes, which is great if you want to go into a STEM major, but it's still a lot. If you don't want to study something where physics is absolutely necessary, or if you could possibly self-study a physics class or push it back to next year if you're a 9-11 grader, then I would recommend maybe dropping it from your schedule. Balancing so many high-level courses could be very stressful, and three APs and two IBs, plus online French seems like a pretty good schedule to me.

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