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how to get my gpa up?

Hi i’m a highschool junior wondering how do get my gpa up:) my current gpa is a 3.0 and ik it’s harder to increase your gpa as a junior opposed to increasing it your freshman and sophmore year. i’m in no honor or AP classes (i don’t rlly have the brains to be in any😀). i wanna get my gpa up to atleast a 3.2 and highest maybe a 3.4 or 3.5. pls send help

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Assuming we're talking unweighted GPA and not weighted GPA (aka QPA). If we ARE talking about weighted I think you should take on an honors or AP-level course. But again, I'm assuming we're talking about unweighted here. First off, I know how it feels. I'm going into senior year with a 2.94. If you want to increase your GPA, you have to get better grades. It's that simple-- but I think you know that. I'll start with the things I personally struggle with: do the homework, pay attention in class, and take notes. If that's not enough, use Khan Academy and tutoring to fill in the gaps where you're struggling and boost your performance in class. This is a very important year. It will be stressful at times-- if you need help, please ask for it. Don't just put your head down and push through it. And enjoy everything! Junior prom, spending time with your friends, all of it. Best of luck to you-- and keep pushing forward. You can do it.


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