9 months ago

3 APs Junior Year?

I'm planning on taking 3 APs during my junior year:

- AP Calc AB

- AP Lang

- AP Bio

I'm definitely more of a math person, but I've done pretty well in English and science so far without too much effort.

How hard do you think each of these classes are, and should I drop any of them?

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2 answers

9 months ago

For me personally, it looks very stressful but it really just depends on your input. If you believe you are capable then you will succeed. However if your like me it may be better to at least separate those classes rather than dropping them. In addition you could add some easier ones imbetween the ap classes to help manage.

9 months ago

I've only taken AP Lang, but I would say it's fairly easy if you practice enough.

Some things I would definitely recommend:

-sharing essays with friends/classmates for peer review (plagiarism is obviously off-limits here) because they can help you catch things that you wouldn't notice on your own (such as typos, weird phrasing, etc.), also ask your teacher if they can read through it once before the deadline (make this like a week before the deadline, and do this with a fairly close to final draft)

-practice the multiple choice questions if you plan on taking the ap exam!!!! this is so important because sometimes they're worded weird and can be confusing. AP Classroom has practice mc exams (assigned by teacher), but try crackap.com, they have some. the formatting's kinda weird, but they have tons of practice on there that you could try.

-practice annotating for clarity! this will help more with classwork (and possibly the writing portion of the exam if you do it right and don't take too long), but it's still useful. underline/highlight important phrases, write down questions you have as they come to mind, etc. this is especially helpful if you have to discuss the article in class the next day (like in a socratic seminar, if you ever have those)

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