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changing schedule?? help needed

hi guys,

my current schedule is:

spanish 3/4, an art elective (need to fill art requirements) , ap english language & comp, apush, ap biology, and ap precalc

I took spanish 3 last year, but switched out the last semester of it because I took the language test and got credits in my native language instead. However, I heard that colleges want to see 3-4 years of a language, even if you already know another one, so I'm taking it again. I could switch that out for another ap as well, but I think 5 ap's might be too much.

I was thinking about doing dual enrollment and doing spanish, an art class (and/or english) at my local college, since I already took one semester of my second year of spanish. I don't want to go in-state (but judging by my application I probably will), but will college-level spanish and art still look good? or is it better to do it at my high school? I was also thinking about changing ap biology to ap environmental science, but I don't know if that is a good move. I intend to major in neuroscience and go pre-law, but I think biology is kind of boring. I'll probably have to rethink my major.

Can anyone help me?

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10 months ago

definitely consider dual enrollment for spanish and art electives if you can! I wouldn't recommend taking the same spanish course twice because that would probably look worse than taking three years of spanish as opposed to four.

I've heard that ap english language is one of the best aps to take junior year because you learn so much about writing, and that's definitely important when writing essays for college. I think taking ap environmental science is definitely a good move for this year, because you can always take ap bio next year, and since it's an easier class, your schedule will be more balanced, especially because of the workload from classes like apush and ap lang

definitely consider changing your major, especially because it's beneficial to have a major more closely related to law if you plan on going to law school, because then a lot of your courses will probably align with the LSAT content. but if you do really want to pursue neuroscience, take ap bio this year and consider dual enrolling in apush and spanish, and take apes next year.

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thank you so much!!


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I'm not an expert, but I have a couple pieces of advice that may help. I would definitely try taking at least 3 years of a foreign language if you can. It can greatly benefit you in applications. If you believe 5 APs may be excessive, I would avoid taking one if you believe it could compromise your academic performance. I think dual credit classes are another great way to go, after all Dual Credit classes are college level classes which demonstrate preparedness (they kind of count as APs). I would say go with dual credit, but that's what I think! In terms of AP Biology, given your (current) choice of major, can benefit you if you score well on the exam. I would also consult these questions with your counselor in case of any doubts you may have! I hope this gave you a bit of insight.

Good luck!

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thank you!!


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