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AP Lang

hii! im taking ap lang this year and right now i'm doing a summer assignment. Im reading a book called blink, and im realizing that reading non-fiction texts are really draining and boring, but I feel like this class will be good for me to help me learn more on how to write so I can prepare myself for those college essays coming up in a year. this summer assignment is going super slow, and I just can't focus on the book I need to read. does anyone have any tips on staying focused while reading?

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I love to read, but I agree with you: Non-fiction writing can be a little more difficult to get through. I've found that the following things help me a little, though!

1. Give yourself a certain number of pages to read before you take a break. It could be a larger goal, like fifty, or something smaller, like a single chapter. After you read the given amount of pages, take a short break and reflect on what you read.

2. Instead of annotating everything (if you have to annotate), mark things with page flags and elaborate on certain elements at the beginning and end of a section. You can also highlight quotes or important information.

3. Try not to read when you're tired, if you can help it. I often find that reading denser texts before I go to bed isn't as productive as reading them at a time when I'm less tired. Even if you can't focus all of your attention on what you're reading, try to at least make sure you're taking in the information.

4. Write down short summaries of each section/chapter when you're finished, so if you need to refer back to something, it's easier to find.

5. If you can find an audiobook for what you're reading, try listening to it and read along to it. It will help keep you on pace for longer.

6. If you have time when you're done, write a little review of the book. It will help you remember the most important points and provide a base for any future discussions you may have.

I hope that some of these tips help! Good luck with AP Lang!

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thank you so much! I'll try some of these things today!!!


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