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lost ngl

I'm a junior I've done two clubs so far that are related to my major but what else should I do I have a 3.89 GPA taking Ap and IB but my goal is to get into any UC or a good Cal state. I want to do business management or social sciences but how do I prepare? I also plan on taking 4-5 college classes by the end of 12th grade but I'm so unsure of everything.

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(just as peer perspective) I think the first step is to tell yourself you're doing great, because I bet you are! Beating yourself up will just burn you out!

For activities, getting directly involved in your field really helps. I'm interested in immunology/medicine research, and I got a summer internship with a start-up that really taught me a lot and gave me a lot of insight into the field. We had some friends in common and then I talked to one of the VPs, but it really wasn't that hard to get into because I was genuinely interested. You could reach out to local businesses/social-science-based organizations and overexpress you interest in them, and ask to be involved, etc. I offered to take an unpaid, training year or interning where I still helped out with actual work and it worked out great! You could even ask people at a parent's job or any other adults you know.

Good luck! and be kind to yourself :)

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