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Extracurriculars for homeschoolers

What extracurriculars and other activities can I do as a homeschooled student?

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7 months ago

There are many valued activities that can be done from home. For example, writing and journalism is a great activity. Even better, conduct a literature review of researches published on a topic you're interested in (preferably related to you major). If you want to publish your writings and research papers (relating to STEM topics) you could get em published in my STEM Mag. If you want details on how to send just reply.

Other than that you could start a social media/YT account on some skill or passion you have, such as music, fashion, tech etc. If you can amass even a small following it would be considered highly impressive.

You could also look for 'remote job simulations' on Forage. Forage allows students to basically 'step into' the shoes of an employee at a big company (like British Airways, TATA, Red Bull etc) and complete a certain set of tasks. When you're done with the tasks you get a certificate too.

You could do other creative things too. Like why not start a local/online club for other home-schooled students? Here you could discuss problems faced by students, how they can be improved etc. Perhaps you guys could find a solution to a problem faced by students such as the lack of teacher support by developing an AI chatbot. The sky's the limit! Good luck


7 months ago


i think what would rlly help u is joining as many online competitions that u can: GirlsWhoCode, AMC, Risefortheworld, etc etc. Also do college courses on sites like coursera which gives them free. I wish i knew this when I was stuck at home during covid; i feel like that was the prime time to join all these online things bc it was all virtual which made it simpler! try to have fun with it. those two are the only ones i can think of rn but if u reply me back i'll try to remember more!! good luck!


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