8 months ago

Clubs for homeschoolers

So I am combing 10th and 11th grades by taking advantage of dual credit. I didn't realize how soon senior year is coming and how low my extracurriculars are. I skateboard (for fun with my brothers), do ceramics (college classes) and volunteer at many institutions that mostly help people (helping hand, etc.) To put everything in perspective, i am 14. Because I don't really have a school (just doing full dual credit), I have no idea where to find clubs, sports, or hobbies to put on my transcript. Does anyone else know where to find extracurriculars for homeschoolers besides college classes?

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8 months ago

It seems like you've already searched far and wide for things like local community organizations or volunteer work, but there are a lot of extracurriculars besides those that you can put on your transcript, like certificates/ awards or internships/ jobs. Joining competitions related to what you want to study or your interests will not only build your skills but might also get you a nice award. Finding career options might be difficult but you can always try to create a small business by yourself too. Leadership, whether you started it yourself or just a leadership position, is always great. Have you tried looking online for international or virtual organizations and clubs you can participate in as well, not just local ones?

I'm not homeschooled, so I don't really know the details or what you're going through, but I wish you the best of luck!

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Thank you so much @yk510

To answer your question: Yes i have, i am currently in an online Model UN program.

7 months ago

Hi, im homeschooled as well (in a similar situation, I also volunteer and do ceramics at my community college 😭) how did you do online Model UN? Good luck!

🎤7 months ago

I joined an online private school that took in homeschoolers. They have a variety of clubs, programs, and extracurriculars. i am only doing one class there but they let me join Model UN. I can give you the name if you want.

6 months ago

Pls let me know what school it is!

🎤6 months ago

Its a Muslim International school called Legacy IOHS (international online high school).


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