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Senior Year Classes!

I’m trying to line up my class schedule next year but have 2 free full year credits lined up. I was planning on taking AP Stats to fill up one of those credits, but I would also be taking AP Calc AB at the same time. Is that a bad idea? Would it be an overload? I’m also not sure as to what I should fill the last slot with. I will be taking an AP Lang Class, AP French, AP Government, a Journalism Class, AP Calc, and Maybe AP Stats. What would be a good idea to fill up last credit (I would prefer not to have a science class, but if it would better my application I would be open to it) and should I take two math classes in one year? Thanks!

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6 months ago

It would be good to have one of those extra credits not be an AP class, as you don't want to burn yourself out with work. Think about the times you have when you're not doing assignments.

Is that enough time to comfortable have a hobby you do in free time, and have time for friends and family? Do you think that two more AP's mean that you'll have to work on holidays? Try to gauge how busy you want to be.

Also, I strongly advise that unless you really love math, don't take two in one year. It will most likely fry your brain. Maybe another AP English-based class, such as literature. Or maybe a class that would allow you to be a little more creative, such as a creative writing class or a coding class. Just some thoughts. Hope that helps!


6 months ago

I completlely agree with @Iridescence-2025! Make sure you have time for your interests/hobbies, socialization, and REST. Also, you need time for writing essays and making wise application choices your senior year. Leave wiggle room for the application/graduation process.


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