6 months ago

dual enrollment??

im currently a sophomore and ’ve been contemplating for awhile whether or not i want do dual enrollment next year. i want to graduate early so i can jump straight into college, graduate, and work. but i’m not the brightest and i’m afraid i wouldn’t be able to take on so much. can someone please guide me to what i should do? does dual enrollment allow you to graduate hs earlier or does it mean that when you do graduate (regular time, i’m assuming) that i have gotten a year of college done? idek i kinda need help with everything atm

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6 months ago

Hi Faith, I am I junior currently taking a dual credit calculus class. I recommend taking dual credit classes because it will shorten your length of college as well as reduce costs. I will say, its difficult. You need to make sure you are able to set study time behind because it will take work since its higher level curriculum. That's just based on what i've learned!


6 months ago

Hey Faith! I’m a junior in high school and I’m finishing up my first semester of dual enrollment. I’m going to take 4 more dual enrollment classes before I graduate high school. I really recommend taking a dual enrollment course, especially if you’ve got a good work ethic. You can take classes that you’ll be required to take in college, so when you get to college, you won’t have as many required courses and might graduate early. It goes toward your college transcript, not your high school transcript. Financially, taking dual enrollment courses is a good idea, since courses often are free or greatly discounted. If you’d like to graduate high school early, I recommend talking to your guidance counselor and making sure you take all the required classes by the end of junior year. You should talk to your counselor about graduating early, since it’s different for every school. Hope this helps!


6 months ago

Hi @faithdiaz!

First of all, I love your name :)

Second, don't worry. I'll do my best to help you. If you have any more questions, reply to this comment!

I am also considering dual enrollment. Dual enrollment (DE) classes are college courses you take in high school that can often be transferred to the university you attend after high school. Taking DE doesn't necessarily mean you graduate high school early BUT it can enable you to graduate college early.

Let me get more specific: Each state has requirements you must meet before graduating high school. Many people meet these requirements in less than 4 years. They could graduate early but most choose to build a competitive high school transcript instead. I am one of these people. One of the reasons I am choosing to stick to 4 years and take DE is that the college courses are MUCH cheaper b/c I am a high school student. I did want to graduate early, but choosng DE instead is to my advantage financially. So in a sense, I am starting college early by beginning full-time dual enrollment but I am still a high schooler. When I do graduate hs, I will technically have a full year of college courses under my belt.

If you choose DE, I recommend taking general education classes (such as math, english, science...). The best way to choose classes is to check the college you're interested in and see if they accept the credits you want to take. Otherwise you may end up wasting time on classes that won't transfer into your college degree. What college(s) are you interested in? I can then help you figure that out.

If you are concerned you may not be able to handle DE, try 1 online course next semester or during summer break and feel it out. DE classes will affect your GPA, so you want to make sure it is a wise decision before plunging in.

If you need any more advice, reply and I'd be happy to help!

Wish you the best!


5 months ago

Hi Faith, I take multiple dual enrollment and advanced placement classes and honestly it just depends on your school. A lot of people consider DE classes easier than AP and I do too. Most of the time DE credits are only accepted in your state by certain schools, while AP credits are accepted nationally. DE does count for multiple credits in most schools so if you meet the requirements you can graduate early. I know for my school if you want to graduate with your associates you have to take multiple DE classes. I say you should take the DE classes cause they do help you for college a lot! :D


6 months ago[edited]

Dual Enrollment (DE) means the curriculum is tougher. There is a lot more reading and writing as it's a college-level course. Keep your syllabus for DE as some colleges will require it and a copy of any big papers or projects for the class. DE classes are a good way to test your college-level readiness and test out certain college subjects while in high school such as Sociology, Philosophy, Gender and Women's Studies, etc. If you are interested in saving money for college it becomes a great way to accomplish as long as you paid the sponsoring university for college credit (way cheaper as DE than actual cost for 3-credit college class) and make sure to receive a transcript. Consider DE similar to AP. You will need to balance your courseload to maintain a high GPA which is the top thing colleges look at. If you did well in AP courses then you can venture into DE also. Good luck!


6 months ago

100% take it! They are usually much more relaxing than high school and usually you will get a good boost if you put in effort!


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